New Car Seat LATCH Regulations

Get out the scale to see if you’re in compliance. If the combined weight of your child and his car seat is more than 65 pounds, it may be time to change the way it’s installed. Sources: Lara B. McKenzie, … Continued

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

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Avoiding the Perils of Parking Lots

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The 5 Biggest Car Maintenance Myths

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Shop Like a Pro

Save money on clothes by using professional shopper strategies. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Americans spend, on average, $121 per month for new clothes. Over a year, that adds up to approximately $1,500, and families with children can … Continued

How to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Costs

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How to Improve a Bad Credit Rating

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7 Tips for Selling a Car Online

Thanks to a wealth of online sites on which you can post an ad, selling a car online is easier than ever. But therein lies the challenge: Because it’s so simple, there’s more competition than ever. So take these steps … Continued

Budget-Friendly Brown Bag Lunches

Pack delicious & nutritious meals fit for grown-up palates What’s your lunch break style? Pricey take-out spreads from the trendiest restaurants in town? Microwaved frozen meals in plastic trays? The same PB&J that your kid brought to school? It’s easy to … Continued

Vacation Travel on the Cheap

With the holidays behind you, it’s time to start eyeing the next big celebration: summer vacation! Long gone are the days of travel agents calling all the shots. With the advent of the Internet and its abundant travel deals, you … Continued