Protect Your Home and Possibly Save Money

Whether by wind, rain, snow or ice, nature can pack a devastating punch. The resulting numbers are staggering: As of July 2013, the average paid insurance claim for losses for Superstorm Sandy was $54,200, according to the Insurance Information Institute.¹ … Continued

Clean Your Heating System—Before Winter Hits

Keep your home cozy this season using both DIY and professionals. Even though winter may feel far away, now is the best time to begin thinking about your home heating system. It’s best to prepare well in advance of the … Continued

Major Decisions

One of the most important decisions of a college student’s career is selecting a major. And there are a lot of options for undergraduate students today. From a degree in biochemistry to engineering to marketing, most students have dozens – … Continued

The Anatomy of a Golf Shot: Golf Club Distances, Proper Grip & Stance

Your golf shot is like your signature: uniquely your own, yet slightly different each time you pick up a pen or club. Both are affected by elements you control, such as your grip and muscle motion, as well as external factors like the golf club, golf ball, pen and paper.

10 Essential Tools for Every Home

Build your own tool kit to tackle any household job. You know the old saying about having the right tools for the job? The following 10 pieces are absolute musts to have on hand for everyday household fixes: Hammer – … Continued

Choosing a College Major: What to Consider

Your major will pave your path to graduation and your future career, so you should do some research before deciding. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few things to consider.

Wedding Planning—With a Budget

Tips for an elegant yet affordable celebration. Your wedding should be the most memorable gathering of your life! After celebrating the thrill of becoming engaged, it’s time to start planning—with a calculator close at hand. One sure way to avoid … Continued

4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

There’s no place like home. When you finally return after a long day of work, your home should feel welcoming, inviting and relaxing. But for some people, home can feel more like a jumbled array of acquired goods than a … Continued

The 10 Items You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet

Be prepared for the most common illnesses and injuries. It is said that luck favors the prepared. So when it comes to first aid in the home—be prepared with a stocked medicine cabinet. If you do need to treat an … Continued

Should You Downsize Your Home for Retirement?

When the kids left for college, you had big dreams for their unoccupied bedrooms. Your daughter’s room had potential to become the art studio you’ve always wanted. And your son’s room? Say Namaste to your new yoga studio.

Now, as you look back, you realize those rooms have barely changed. So moving toward retirement, you’re starting to wonder if you really need all the extra space. To help you make educated decisions about your retirement options, here are four things to consider as you decide if downsizing is the right choice for you.