On a Roll: Scooters Hitting the Streets Again

In the 1980s, scooters and mopeds enjoyed brisk sales and became a popular way for getting around town. But the demand for these low-cost rides seemed to disappear almost immediately, thanks, in part, to more economical cars and falling gas … Continued

Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills in 7 Steps

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Home Safety for the Elderly

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Backyard BBQ Party Ideas Infographic

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5 Surprising Reasons You Need Life Insurance

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7 Tips for Decorating a Rental Kitchen

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Expert Tips on How to Use a Bike Rack Safely

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Types of Garage Doors to Fit Your Taste and Budget

Your chateau-inspired house deserves semi-customized carriage doors for the garage. But, if your house is inspired by Bauhaus, custom glass and steel garage doors will look amazing. Mass-produced garage doors can look perfect for your mid-century modern home. With numerous … Continued

5 Ways to Help Prevent Mosquito Bites

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How to Protect Your Garden from Animals

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Water Safety for Kids: Get the Facts

Swimming pools have long been a staple of summer fun for American children, but they can also pose serious dangers. New research conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide, with support from Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen program, highlights some important facts about … Continued

TSA Precheck Enrollment: Say Goodbye to Long Airport Lines

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Jet Ski Safety Guide: How to Ride a Jet Ski

There’s no denying personal watercraft (i.e., Jet Skis) are an exhilarating ride and a fun way to spend an afternoon on a local lake or reservoir. Think of it as a snowmobile for the water. With horsepower similar to large … Continued