The Art and Craft of Refinishing Wood Floors

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5 Essential Road Trip Tips

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Signs of Termites: What’s Bugging Your Home?

Termites can be stealthy and they can show up anywhere. Particularly in warmer climates these insects can be an issue, cautions Brian T. Forschler, PhD, professor of entomology, University of Georgia, Athens. “I’ve lived in the South for 30 years, … Continued

4 Ideas to Make Your Company Picnic Great

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6 Tips for Ladder Safety

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7 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Burglaries increase by 10.5 percent in the summer months, according to a Department of Justice report. July and August are the most frequent months for break-ins, perhaps because so many people leave their homes unattended while they’re on vacation. Here … Continued

4 Essential Boating Safety Tips

As the weather turns warmer, more water sports enthusiasts will be out on the water with their recreational powerboats and watercrafts – and accidents will happen. According to 2015 Coast Guard statistics, 85% of drowning victims were not wearing life … Continued

On a Roll: Scooters Hitting the Streets Again

In the 1980s, scooters and mopeds enjoyed brisk sales and became a popular way for getting around town. But the demand for these low-cost rides seemed to disappear almost immediately, thanks, in part, to more economical cars and falling gas … Continued

Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills in 7 Steps

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Home Safety for the Elderly

Simple fixes and smart thinking can ensure a safe environment for seniors. Stairs are the most obvious barrier to seniors hoping to stay in their homes as long as possible. But lighting, bath and kitchen design as well as access … Continued

Backyard BBQ Party Ideas Infographic

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5 Surprising Reasons You Need Life Insurance

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