How’s Your Defensive Driving IQ?

The latest in automotive tech will never override sound, safe driving. Is your car “loaded” with an assortment of safety-enhancement technology? That’s a good thing, of course. And auto manufacturers continue to come up with new innovations on this front, … Continued

Car Seat Requirements Cheat Sheet

Rear-facing seats, forward-facing seats, booster seats – the safety guidelines all start to blend together after a while. Here’s a simple lesson to help you navigate the age requirements, weight limits and various styles of children’s car seats.   Sources: … Continued

Avoid the Dreaded “Winter Coat”

How to keep your ride a “clean machine” during the cold months. It’s the kind of “winter coat” that you never want to own: a collection of mud, salt, dirt and other unsightly elements on your car. It’s more than … Continued

Six Mistakes Even Experienced Drivers Make

You can lapse into bad habits no matter how experienced you are. Even seasoned motorists can slip up on certain, potentially unsafe practices. To find out what those mistakes are, we recently spoke to Bill Windsor, associate vice president of … Continued

What to Do When a Weather Hazard Hits

How to drive safely in blizzards, floods and other major storms. When extreme weather strikes, you’re more vulnerable inside a vehicle than anywhere else. According to the Federal Highway Administration, car accidents/incidents account for the most weather-related deaths, with more … Continued

The Car Insurance Conundrum

How to figure out what auto coverage you need Without auto insurance, you’d leave yourself exposed to a great deal of potential financial damage. You’d run the risk of incurring heavy hospital bills, shop repairs and other crippling expenses. And … Continued

How to Cure Your Inner “Back Seat Driver”

It could be the nearly irresistible urge to “take command” with unsolicited driving directives every time you’re a passenger in a vehicle. Or that sudden “shriek” you let out whenever you feel your comfort zone violated. Either way, you’re exhibiting … Continued

Make it Safely Past Black Ice

Know what to look for and how to navigate around it. It’s the “hidden” road hazard — one that many motorists discover too late. That would be black ice, a practically invisible stretch of smooth, clear ice. Because it’s so … Continued