5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Ready for a hot summer? The National Weather Service is predicting a season similar to last year’s unbearable sizzler. Try following these preventative tips to help your car beat the heat this summer:

What to Do If You Get Pulled Over

When you get pulled over by a police car, those flashing blue lights may trigger an immediate sense of panic within you. This is perfectly natural. But keep this in mind: How you react after an incident often matters just as much as the incident itself.

What to Know About Renting a Car

Save some money next time you need a lift. Renting a car can seem complicated to the uninitiated. How do you know, for example, whether to buy into all of those upsell packages, gas options and other choices? Given this, … Continued

How to Improve Gas Mileage Without Buying a New Car

Sure, buying a hybrid vehicle can increase your fuel efficiency – but what if you can’t afford a new vehicle right now, or don’t like any of the current hybrid offerings? There are a lot of ways to reduce your fuel consumption, even if your daily ride’s been in the driveway for a few years.

Prepare Your Vehicle for New Passengers—Children

Car safety tips for babies on board. Welcoming a new baby into your family is an exciting time, and it comes with an awful lot to think about—especially when it comes to protecting your child riding in a car. Obviously, … Continued

How to Avoid Wrecking Your Car Insurance

Smart tips to keep your premiums from rising due to your own negligence. We’d all like to keep auto insurance costs as low as possible, but have you ever thought about which particular driving behaviors can send your rates soaring? … Continued

Why Gas Prices Fluctuate

Planning a road trip this summer? Depending on how gas prices shake out in the next couple months, that drive might cost more than you expected. When gas prices change drastically in a short time, you’re often left wondering who exactly controls the cost of gas.

The Right Time to Service Your Car

It’s obvious when your tank needs refueling or your windshield washer fluid needs replenishing. But knowing when to service your car engine or get the oil changed is not so straightforward. Finding a balance Complicating matters is the fact that … Continued

Teach Your Teen to Drive Responsibly

Remember how stressful it was to learn how to drive? Teaching someone to drive can be even more stressful—especially when it is your own child. But with a little planning and firm guidelines, even the most apprehensive parents can teach their children to be responsible drivers. Here are some key rules to establish with your teen

The New Generation of Cargo Vehicles

Trucks, vans and SUVs leave their gas-guzzling reputation in the dust. The compact car trend may be perfect for parallel parking in the smallest of spots, but when you need to haul cargo, you need a vehicle that was built … Continued

Highway Driving Tips for Teens

Key points for parents teaching their teens to drive safely. If the prospect of your teen getting a learner’s permit makes you apprehensive, then the concept of allowing them to drive on a busy highway is likely to cause a … Continued