Hagerty Price Guide: Classic Car Market Update

Lately, much fuss has been made about the collector car market’s current state, with opinions ranging from wildly optimistic to downright dire. The market, of course, isn’t necessarily a unified entity, which means one can find evidence to support a … Continued

NASCAR by the Numbers [Infographic]

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Know What Your Car Dashboard Lights Are Telling You

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7 Safe Driving Habits You Should Know

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5 Tips for Windshield Crack Prevention and Repair

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5 Things That Will Kill Your Classic Car from Hagerty

Contrary to general perception, most classic cars aren’t fragile flowers. In fact, many are anvil-tough, particularly American cars of the 1950s and 1960s, built with real Pennsylvania steel and very little plastic. But even these rolling bank vaults can be … Continued

Getting to Know NASCAR Pit Crew Members, Part 2

There’s much more to competing in a NASCAR race than the car and its driver. There is an entire crew of experts behind each car doing lightning-fast maintenance and replacing parts to ensure both speed and safety. Nick Covey and … Continued

Key Tips for Buying a New Car

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5 Great Driving Apps

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Are On the Rise

Despite the recent dip in gas prices, the demand for alternative-fuel vehicles continues to grow, with more ecologically sensitive motorists wanting clean-air alternatives to gas-powered cars, and cost-conscious buyers seeking to save money at the gas pump. This trend has … Continued

5 Essential Road Trip Tips

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10 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean with Kids

Whether they’re young enough to still be in a car sear or old enough to be going to soccer practice, kids are messy – but that doesn’t mean your car has to be. You can prevent messes and treat common … Continued

How to Buy a Car [Infographic]

The car buying process once consisted of getting the Saturday newspaper ads and heading on a tour of local dealerships hoping to get a good deal. Today, the internet has provided access to information about vehicles, dealers, specials and pricing. … Continued