How to Discourage Break-Ins

Keep your car safe from thieves with these tips. “One of the worst feelings in the world is to get back to your car and see your window broken and some of your possessions gone,” says Bill Windsor, associate vice … Continued

Let Your Auto Insurance Work For You

At Nationwide, we offer customers three options to make the most of their auto policies: Accident Forgiveness, Vanishing Deductible and Roadside Assistance.

Access Your Policy Online—24/7

Nationwide’s Online Account Access gives you 24/7 access to your insurance information, and you get the benefit of On Your Side® service at anytime, day or night.

Protect Your Home and Possibly Save Money

Whether by wind, rain, snow or ice, nature can pack a devastating punch. The resulting numbers are staggering: As of July 2013, the average paid insurance claim for losses for Superstorm Sandy was $54,200, according to the Insurance Information Institute.¹ … Continued

Clean Your Heating System—Before Winter Hits

Keep your home cozy this season using both DIY and professionals. Even though winter may feel far away, now is the best time to begin thinking about your home heating system. It’s best to prepare well in advance of the … Continued

Nationwide Focused on Making Insurance Simpler

Insurance is complex. At Nationwide, we want to help make insurance easier for consumers to understand. Results of a recent survey commissioned by Nationwide Insurance and conducted by Harris Interactive show that just 40 percent of consumers have read their … Continued

Major Decisions

One of the most important decisions of a college student’s career is selecting a major. And there are a lot of options for undergraduate students today. From a degree in biochemistry to engineering to marketing, most students have dozens – … Continued

The Anatomy of a Golf Shot: Golf Club Distances, Proper Grip & Stance

Your golf shot is like your signature: uniquely your own, yet slightly different each time you pick up a pen or club. Both are affected by elements you control, such as your grip and muscle motion, as well as external factors like the golf club, golf ball, pen and paper.